First Aid Kit

If you are a dog owner, would you know what to do if whilst on a walk your dog broke its leg? Its not something that is often thought about and you may want to consider attending a first aid course designed for pet owners. Similary, if you work your dogs, a first aid kit on the beaters bus and someone who can administer first aid would be adventageous.

There is no such thing as being over prepared!

Common Items in a Pet First Aid Kit

  • 2 x 20ML PODS OF SALINE - To wash away dirt and debris from your pet's eyes or an open wound. 
  • 1 x MEDIUM DRESSING BANDAGE WITH TIES - To cover an injury, these have tie bandages attached, but they do not fasten tightly.
  • 1 x LARGE DRESSING BANDAGE WITH TIES - To cover a larger injury, these have tie bandages attached but do not fasten tightly.
  • 1 x FOIL BLANKET - To retain body warmth and help combat shock, use this to wrap your dog for the journey to the vet.
  • 5 x GAUZE SWABS - For cleaning up fluid or after saline use
  • 1 x MICROPOROUS TAPE - To help hold dressings or bandages in place.
  • 1 x CONFORMING BANDAGE - If a sprain is suspected, use this around the limb and fasten with tape.
  • 2 x PAIRS OF VINYL POWDER GLOVES - Wear these always when attending an injured dog.
  • 2 x PLASTIC POUCHES - To cover foot injuries and help keep them clean, fasten with tape.
  • 4 x ALCOHOL-FREE CLEANSING WIPES - Useful for cleaning up the cut and possible infection, or to clean your hands afterwards.
  • 1 x SCISSORS -  Useful to cut fur out of the way in the case of a cut or a burn.
  • 1 x TWEEZERS - Useful for removing objects like a thorn from a paw. Tweezers are more likely to remove the entire object, whereas fingers can break an object and leave part remaining.

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