Health Tests Required Before Breeding

This is the page for you if you are interested in breeding your Clumber Spaniel and do not know where to start with the health tests required.

These tests will be required before you breed your dog

  • Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC)
  • Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Phosphate 1 deficiency (PDP-1)
  • British Veterinary Association (BVA) Eye test
  • British Veterinary Association (BVA) Hip score
  • British Veterinary Association (BVA) Elbow score (optional)

Firstly, you should find your dogs full kennel name and visit the Kennel Club (KC) website to see what information is already available to you. Click here to access the KC Health Test Result Finder. You type in your dogs pedigree name and you should access a page like this:

This dog is hereditory clear of PDP-1 and has had a test for EIC which is ’Clear‘. She has a total hip score of 19 and an elbow score of 0. She had her eyes tested in May 2017 and has an Inbreeding Coefficient (COI) of 7.9%. There is further information on what these test results mean Here.

Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) is a mandatory KC test. If both your dogs parents were EIC clear, your dog would have ’hereditary clear’ in this box and testing will not be necessary. Here is the link to the Laboklin EIC test (£66.00). If you are a member of the Clumber Spaniel Club in the UK, you may receive a discount of 10% if you contact the club directly.

This is probably the best test to get done first as you would not want to breed from an affected dog and if your dog is a carrier, you will only be able to mate your dog with an EIC clear dog, which reduces the dogs available to breed with. Further information on EIC is available Here.

Alternatively, you could get your dog DNA tested by Embark. As from January 2022, even if your dog is considered ‘hereditary clear’ for EIC and PDP1, you will be required to test them for both following two generations of hereditary clear status. This will be a more economical way of testing for the two conditions. Further information is available on the Embark DNA test Here, including a discount code for Clumber Spaniels ($99.00).

The results from Embark (OFA Submission report, available on your Embark account) were forwarded to the Kennel Club (Breeder Services - The dogs details were updated to remove the ‘hereditary clear’ status for PDP1 and replaced with ‘clear’ and a test date was registered as the date the KC received the email.

An Eye test needs to be done by a British Veterinary Association (BVA) Eye Specialist. The cost of examination is £60 and includes a certificate. This should be done annually for a stud dog and before the bitch is to be bred from if their eye test was over a year ago. Further information on the scheme may be found Here. As you can see above, the dog has not had an eye test since May 2017.

PDP-1 is not a common condition in the UK and most dogs will be hereditary clear and so will not need to be tested. As mentioned above, it may be worth getting your dog DNA tested by Embark as the KC rules on 'hereditary clear' change in January 2022. If you have an imported dog then you may need to have your dog tested.

Hip and Elbow testing is a significant expense and will cost around £400. It is better to shop around if you are concerned about cost as some places are more reasonable than others. It is not essential to get the elbows scored but some owners do get them scored at the same time as the cost is not much more than the hips alone. Your vet may also be able to recommend somewhere to you (or maybe do it themselves). Information on how the BVA score hips can be found Here

Other Considerations

Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) - the breed average is 17.9%. Any litters that are produced from your dog should aim to be the breed average or less. If your dog has a high COI, you will have to be careful with who they are mated with. Further information on COI is available Here

You should make sure you are your dogs registered owner. If you are not, now is the time to transfer ownership.

Are there any breeding endorsements on your dog? It is common within the breed to have endorsements within the puppy contract you received with your dog that prevent you from breeding your dog unless certain stipulations are met, such as health tests within a specific range. With this in mind, if there are endorsements, your first step should be to contact your breeder to express your intentions so that they can offer their expertise and they will often help to find a suitable match for your dog.

Does your dog have any tendancies towards aggression? Aggression is not a desirable trait in a Clumber Spaniel and you really should think hard about whether to breed your dog.

General health of your dog - there are conditions that can not be tested for genetically but are still prevelant. The dog whose pedigree is displayed above looks great on paper but in reality, she had IOHC In both elbows.

If you are breeding a bitch, you should apply to the Kennel Club for a kennel name.

If you have a bitch, can you afford the cost of a cesarian birth? There is an average frequency of 14% of UK litters delivered by cesarean, mostly emergencies. Further information is available Here.

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