The Daily 'Check Over'

Most Clumber Spaniels are pretty laid back but they are also a stoic breed and can hide pain quite well! There are occasions where they have to go to the vet and there are little things you can do to make this easier for them. Taking 2 minutes out of your day for a quick check over can significantly alter how your dog behaves when in pain.

Basically, for a vet to check over your dog, they will be looking at their teeth, eyes, ears, feeling over their body and feeling their feet, around the pads. You do not want your dog who is already in pain to become more stressed because they do not like their ears or feet being touched.

Here are some basic things you could do with your dog:

  • have a look at their teeth - put your hand into their mouth gently. Gums should be pink and there should be no foreign bodies in the mouth.
  • hold their head gently to look around their eye, stroke around their eye. Look for unusual discharge, rapid blinking on one side (may be a scratch)
  • open the ear flap and look into the ear. Smell inside the ear - an infection will alter the smell significantly and will alert you sooner of a problem. A build up of wax should be dealt with to prevent an infection.
  • feel for lumps and bumps around the body so you are aware of any new bumps, growing lumps or foreign bodies on them such as grass seeds, thorns or ticks. Matted hair can be teased out before it becomes a matted lump that needs cutting off.
  • feeling around the pads, gently applying pressure to the pads and giving the toes a little wiggle. If this appears uncomfortable, investigate why.

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