It's Yer Choice

It’s Yer Choice (IYC)

‘It’s Yer Choice’ is a great game from one of my favourite dog trainers, Susan Garrett. It’s Yer Choice helps to promote good choices and self control from our dogs with gameplay that be taken out to any part of their lives. It starts really simply and can be done anywhere

Start with your dogs favourite treat…cheese, sausage or lets face it they are Clumber Spaniels…just their normal food. Sit at a height the dog can easily sniff and get to your hand, and rest your arm on your knees to prevent your hand moving. Close your hand around the food and hold it out, your dog will sniff, lick and try and get the food. This is where they start to make their choices and think for themselves how to get it, say nothing to the dog and wait for him to stop trying to get your hand to open. Then open your hand. When they come back in to take the treats close the hand again. Say nothing just keep opening and closing your hand as they make the ‘choice’. When you can open your hand and they don’t come straight in to take the food give them a piece of the treat from your hand. You are rewarding the choice they have made not to just take the food.

They very quickly pick this game up and can be built on really easily.  Have a bowl of food on the floor that you can cover…same rule applies as before, cover it until they make the choice.

You can take it out and about…….when in the car do your dogs wait to be told they come out or do they bustle out the moment the door is opened or they are unclipped. This theory can be moved to that as well. If they go to get out the car before being told, close the door (car or crate), open it again, if they move to get out close it keep opening and closing (like with your hand) until they make the choice to stay…in this case the reward is release out of the car…or back door, or gate.

It’s Yer Choice helps to teach our dogs to make self control choices we can take into so many areas of our lives with them.

Click here for demonstration

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