Travel Essentials

When you go away with your dog for more than a night, there are a few things you may feel are useful for while you are away. If you have a caravan, or a holiday home, you may consider either carrying a travel pack in your car or leaving one in the caravan for emergencies - there is no such thing as being too prepared in the case of an emergency.

This is not an exhaustive list but an idea of items that could be taken. Obviously their food and supply of fresh water are also required as are any long term medications or medications or supplements that are used frequently.

By travel essentials we are talking about the additional items you would take along with a first aid kit. First aid kit essentials may be found here.

Leucillin spray is an antiseptic that can be applied liberally to any minor wounds to clean and flush them. It is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal - best of all, it is non toxic.

An ear cleaner, such as Quistel Ear Cleaner or one that you use at home. Quistel is a great ear cleaner and if your dog is prone to head shaking, it calms them quickly.

An extra rope lead - you never know! They are really handy for keeping your dog close and light to carry. They are also particularly good for holding together things that you do not want your dog to get past, such as a kitchen door that does not close properly! They can also be used to tie your dogs lead to an anchor point etc.

Cotton wool pads are great for many things - cleaning eyes, between pads, applying topical creams, cleaning bottoms (if they are poorly).

Phytobalm is a good topical cream for minor wounds and skin irritations, it can be applied to the affected area once it has been flushed with Leucillin, the surrounding hair trimmed if needed, and patted dry with some kitchen roll.

Vet Wrap is also a good product to have with you to cover wounds on the legs or tails. It is handy to have in your first aid kit.

Grooming brushes and scissors are useful to have with you. If you are staying in rented premises, it will help to keep the hair down. A FURminator Deshedding Tool and Grooming Rake are a good combination for effective grooming of a Clumber Spaniel. Scissors are essential to cut out matts of hair before they get bigger and for cutting away hair from hot spots or wounds to aid healing.

A tick remover is essential if you are going to an area where ticks are known to be. It is also a handy thing to keep in your first aid bag.

If your Clumber Spaniel is going to be walking more than usual while they are away or going to spend time on a beach and are not used to walking on the sand, then paw wax may be a good idea. It calms their pads down as they can become quite rough with a change in walking surface. Try to find a wax that is non slip.

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